Celebrating 12 years of shared success!

This month, we're celebrating 12 years in business here at Meetings Matter, and we have LOTS to celebrate!

It has been a very busy year and we are delighted to be marking this milestone anniversary with not only a branding refresh, but a brand new website (which I am particularly chuffed with –let me know what you think if you haven’t seen it already!) www.meetingsmatter.co.uk

as well as an office refit! Anyone who knows me, knows that there will surely be CAKE involved (making not eating, of course!) somewhere along the way too!

We've seen a lot of change in those 12 years, and survived one of the worst recessions thanks to having had the pleasure of working with some fantastic collaborators (clients), providing us with an enviable client list of well reputed brands and companies along the way.

Having been in the industry 18 years, I am grateful that each day still brings a new opportunity to learn and grow, and we all continue to love the challenge and are looking forward to the next 12 years and beyond.

A big thanks to all the Meetings Matter team who have made the business such a success.

Each and every member of staff has brought something new to the business, and helped me as well as the business learn and grow, to provide the best possible service that we are proud to represent.

Juggling motherhood and a business has been one of the biggest challenges I have undertaken, and the battle of wanting to simultaneously excel at both is a constant one (I’m sure every working parent can relate to), but it shaped our growth and took the company in the direction of our specialization in the L&D market, which I love and still motivates me today.

We get to meet some fantastic facilitators and engage with wonderful people who share our core values of providing the people we work with, with an enriching and enjoyable experience. My heart still leaps for joy each and every time we receive wonderful feedback, for which I am grateful and proud of https://www.meetingsmatter.co.uk/clients-thoughts and knowing we have made a positive and valued contribution is the driving force of our business.

With exciting growth plans in place, our focus will always be to support and efficiently deliver our core service values, but through embracing technology and working smarter, we are improving efficiency, and reducing administration time, enabling us to spend more time visiting venues, and grabbing more coffees (and the odd glass of Vino/Gin) with you lovely people we call clients, (many of whom I’m also honoured to call friends), so that we can best service your needs.

I am so excited about the future for the company, and for the new staff and clients I will come to know over the coming years, but I cannot finish without saying a heartfelt

to each and every one of our wonderful, customers for your continued loyalty, business and support.

I am touched that after all this time, we are still the ‘venue go-to’ for a great number of clients who started with us all those years ago, as well as the wonderful new people you have referred us to.

Without you, well, it would all be a bit pointless really!

Keep challenging us! We love it.

Wendy x

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