is completely free for customers


No Cost Venue Finding 

Free of charge

We never charge customers a penny.

Our business model is such that the venues pay us a fee for the business they get, (Just as travel agents would), which means we get to provide you with expert guidance and solutions, specific to your needs, at no cost to you! – It’s a win-win for everyone!

How does MM make money?

Venues pay a small fee for each confirmed booking they receive through us.  

For us, venue suitability to each client/event is always THE most important factor in venue selection, and as we are independent and are 'in it for the long-term' with our clients, you can always be sure that we are recommending the venues that will best suit you.  

Don't venues add a fee to the price?

No. There are industry standards which dictate that venues not mark-up rates to cover agency fees.

Instead, venues see us as a cost-effective marketing medium, providing exposure to clients they might not otherwise get, so our fees come from their marketing budgets. 

Plus, our industry knowledge & respect allows us to negotiate the best possible rates for your event, giving you the best value for money.